Corporate Social Responsibility

At Manalee we understand the importance of Corporate Responsibility. We are committed to ensure safety and care towards our employees, suppliers, clients and partners. Having multiple offices around the world, we ensure our support towards communities we serve in and act responsibly in the environments we operate in.


The nature of Manalee’s operations is based on strict ethical principles with which we must contend. Throughout our businesses worldwide we ensure equality, reliability, responsibility, and accountability. At Manalee, Fair Trade is a crucial component to our business. We work with farmers who are not exploited and aim to develop their standard of living.


As a business of soft commodities, it is our aim to support the 2030 vision of the UN through Global Goals. We contribute to reducing environmental impact and always aim to efficiently use our resources and discourage wastage – finding alternative uses and markets for waste product and unwanted goods is part of our creative strategy and enables us to line with our business ethics. Such as reducing, reusing and recycling our products. Water paucity is a major issue in modern era for society and business. Water is crucial for the planet, its ecosystem and its inhabitants to survive and thrive. It is vital for life, and a central fuel for the global economy. Water is crucial for the manufacturing of our products. However, due to the shortage of water around the world, we at Manalee express serious concern and aim to reduce our water footprint. To counter this, we have developed plans with our suppliers to reduce water usage to grow crops. Our suppliers must report to us on the amount of water used in irrigation. In addition, our suppliers are required to maintain pipes and canals of the irrigation system.


Manalee takes pride in serving communities in which it operates in. Our dedication is to engage and invest in society through our projects which include; a charitable hospital ‘HMH’ located in Pakistan which serves patients free of cost. Moreover, Manalee provides food and clothing to third world countries in Africa such as Nigeria and Comoros annually, which to some extent fulfills components of the UN Global Goals initiative of ‘No Poverty and Zero Hunger’. Furthermore, we aim to create jobs wherever we expand by hiring locals. To extend our support of UN Global Goals vision 2030, DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH, we meet the minimum wage of the country we operate in, followed by raising the standard of living for our employees, with trainings, to enhance their knowledge and way of collaboration with our clients.


Maintaining relations with employees, clients, suppliers and partners is our core belief and the formula to growth and success. Our motto is to treat people with fairness, utmost dignity and respect. Thus, leading to a boost in their confidence and trust.